Sound Bag

The Sound Devices 442 mixer, 2 Lectrosonics wireless systems, the SD 702t digital recorder, ready for a day of work.
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These days, the audio tracks I lay down are most often recorded directly on the video recorder at the camera, whatever its format. But the best way is still a two-part system; this is essential when shooting with DSLR’s. I have the new Sound Devices 664 Mixer/Recorder with full time code capability and the ability to record 10 independent tracks, so each input can be recorded separately, while also recording the output bus mixes.


Backup recording is especially recommended when using a wireless link (or hop) to the camera, as is common when working ENG-style. When the SD 664 is overkill, I also have the Zaxcom Stereoline wireless system that sends a fully digital two channel signal to the camera while making a high-resolution stereo recording on a microSD card at the transmitter, assuring full redundancy.


It’s also very common for me to record audio for interview transcription purposes, with or without camera time code, usually as an MP3 file to be FTP’d to a transcription service. The SD 664 can do this while simultaneously recording all the iso tracks, or I can do it with a smaller digital recorder.

Equipment List

 Sound Devices 442 and 302 (These can be ganged together for 7 inputs)

  Schoeps CMC/MK41
  Sennheiser MKH60 “shotgun”
  Sanken COS-11, Sonotrim, and Sony ECM-77 lavalier mics
  Rode NT-4 Stereo Mic (x/y pattern)
  Byerdynamic M58 hand mic (wireless transmitter, too)2
  Electro-Voice RE-50 hand mics

  Sound Devices 664 Mixer/Recorder
  Zoom H4n
  Zoom H2 (MP3)
  Sony PCM - M10

Wireless Systems
  Zaxcom Stereoline System
  Zaxcom RX900/TRX900LA
  Lectrosonics 411a, 211, 190 (7 total)
  Comtek 216s (one transmitter, 4 receivers)

Live Kit
  JK Audio Remote Mix 3 (phone interface)
  JK Audio THAT-2 (phone interface)
  IFB Boxes, IFB dialers, amp/speaker boxes, distribution amps, ear buds, etc.


  Too numerous to mention. I got you covered.

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